How to use Coupons for your adverts

Coupons can be used to promote your programs amongst certain groups, or to provide value to past participants in the scenario of cancelled sessions. See the video or instructions below on how to utilise coupons.

Step by Step Instructions

  • To create a coupon, login to your Ride Nation account.

  • Select Coupons from the menu on the left, under Marketing Tools.

  • Click Create.

  • Fill in the Code with the code that the customer will enter when redeeming their coupon.

  • Fill in the Description of the coupon. Eg. 20% off your purchase.

  • Select either Percentage or Dollar amount, depending on the type of discount you wish to use.

  • Enter in the Minimum and Maximum order amount if applicable. Eg. You may want the coupon to apply on purchases under $50.00 and therefore, enter this as the Maximum order amount.

  • Update Total Budget to the total amount of money you want to spend on this discount, if applicable. Alternatively, you can enter Total uses, which refers to the amount of time the coupon can be used overall.

  • Set an Expiry date, if you only want the coupon to be used up until a certain date. Eg. You may have a 'January' special, that expires on 31/1.

  • You can Restrict to categories, to ensure that the coupon can only be applied to adverts within that category, if applicable. Eg. You may create a coupon for your Train, Skills adverts.

  • Leave Restrict to brands.

  • Click Create Coupon.

  • You can now send out this coupon Code to customers. They will be able to enter the coupon Code when making purchase on the marketplace and receive the applicable discount.