Margaret’s mission to get more women riding

August 12, 2020
Margaret’s mission to get more women riding

Margaret Boylan is somewhat of a guru in the She Rides community, having been a part of the inception of the program in South Australia in 2014.

Running cycling programs through She Rides and her own First Principles Coaching brand, Margaret’s passion lies with improving the skills of all female cyclists and increasing opportunities for participation.

We caught up with Margaret to gain some insight into what motivates her as a coach, what she learns from the women she teaches, and we find out about her new Ride Nation programs.

Q. How did you get started in cycling?

I was a commuter cyclist for some years riding a few kilometres a day to and from work and at that time my sporting passion was competitive horse riding which I fitted in around work somehow. I switched to cycling as my sporting passion in 2005 after a big change of personal circumstances forced the sale of my horse.

Then I fitted my cycling in around my legal career for some years too, gaining my first coach accreditation while working full-time before I left the law in 2011 to focus full time on cycling and coaching.

Q. What inspires you to coach?

I love helping recreational cyclists find and explore their physical and psychological strengths and move out of their comfort zones to build skill, fitness and confidence.

I am thrilled when they achieve personal goals while having fun too.

I also love that coaching (just like cycling itself) is an ongoing learning experience and that I learn something about coaching, and about myself as a coach from every client interaction.

Q. What do you hope all your participants gain from your program?

I hope they gain insight into and knowledge of their personal physical and psychological strengths, achieve their personal goals and enjoy all the wonderful ways that getting better at cycling helps you get better at “doing” life too!

Q. What is your one piece of advice for women who want to ride, but don’t know where to start?

Ask around where you see bikes and cyclists in your city or town (especially the kind of bikes and cycling that you are interested in) and be curious about and learn from other people’s "getting started” stories. It’s likely that you’ll hear some ideas that you can follow up on and meet people who will be helpful in getting you started.

Q. What is your favourite She Rides moment?

There are many as I’ve coached She Ride programs every year and every season since 2014! I love most the many moments I’ve been part of when a group member or a one-on-one client realises a personal goal /overcomes a fear. That "Wow look at me - I’m doing it ” moment and the expressions on faces and body language when it happens is wonderful.

“And here is a recent photo from my last S.R.O [She Rides On] group - just before COVD struck! I'm in pink in bottom-line - doing a split squat!”

(Editor's note From Margaret - "The size of the group makes it look like I’m coaching more than I’m accredited for! So I’m letting you know the woman behind me in the She Rides jersey is the assistant accredited coach I subcontracted to help me run the group!")


Margaret is advertising her programs on the Ride Nation marketplace. Ride Nation is the destination for those looking to get involved in cycling programs, activities, events and adventures around the country - beginner or experienced!

Similarly, She Rides programs aim to cater to all women of different interest, skills and abilities, where cycling skills are learnt in a friendly and encouraging environment.

If you want to check out what She Rides programs are currently advertised, you can head to the Ride Nation platform. Follow the link below to check out what She Rides programs are currently being offered.

Visit Ride Nation "She Rides" for more information