What is Freedom Wheels?

Freedom Wheels volunteers, staff and therapists work with you to design and build custom assistive technology and equipment to help you achieve your goals. They work with people of any age and any disability.

Freedom Wheels Bikes

Our Freedom Wheels bikes include a range of attachments that have been designed to provide additional support for young riders.

Freedom Wheels Voyager

Our Freedom Wheels Voyager is suitable for teens and adults who are independent riders who have good safety awareness and can pedal without hip and trunk support.

Gomier Trike

The Gomier Trike features a lower step through, allowing easy transfer onto the trike for teens and adults. It is the perfect trike for extra stability and carrying extra items like bags, shopping or a walking frame.

Body Cycle Trike

Our Body Cycles Trike is designed for teens and adults needing extra support to ride. The trike offers additional postural support, stability and builds confidence.

Freedom Wheels Voyager

Our Greenspeed Recumbent Trike is the perfect trike for a comfortable ride and lower transfers. Suitable for teens and adults, this trike will give balance and stability.


Every child deserves the chance to ride a bike. By shopping here you are giving that chance to kids who are missing out!

For any product queries please call 1300 663 243 or email info@freedomwheels.org.au.