For fitness. To make friends. For freedom!

There’s nothing quite like riding a bike to experience the feeling of freedom. It brings back childhood memories of riding with friends, having fun outdoors, being fit and active. But for many women, somewhere along the road to adulthood, the bike gets put away and they stop riding.

That’s where She Rides comes in!

She Rides is an introductory riding program focused on fitness, skills development and creating a social riding community of women, with the aim to help women make riding part of their everyday life. Programs are led by an accredited AusCycling coach and are designed to increase confidence and skill on a bike, with the social aspect valued in these sessions.

What kinds of programs are offered?

Participants can choose between programs, with all formats involving face-to-face sessions with an AusCycling accredited coach, in a small group environment, or one-on-one. Programs generally run for 4-6 weeks, but a number of our coaches are flexible with the structure of their sessions.

Programs may be Road or Mountain Bike focused, with the introduction of BMX programs coming soon. Often these She Rides programs will be focused towards beginners (Confidence programs) or those looking to take their skills to the next level (Together programs). If you aren’t sure where you fit, simply contact your local leader for best advice.

What do I need to join?

You will need a bike and helmet to join a She Rides program. Our leaders will run you through a bike safety check and some important bike mechanic information prior to your program. A hard tail or dual suspension mountain bike is required for any mountain bike program.

We strongly recommend that all participants purchase an AusCycling Lifestyle Monthly membership prior to participation to ensure you have the appropriate level of insurance in place in case of an accident. You can find further information on membership options here.