Wellness at the Top End

October 14, 2020
Wellness at the Top End

A few years back when George Landy started working with a Health Coach, she underestimated the impact it would have on her life, not just her health.

It came at a pivotal point for her where she was feeling fatigued and anxious, along with under-appreciated at her job. While she started working with the health coach to address on her nutrition, it led her to understand the power of positive lifestyle choices.

Three years on, when she had completed a qualification in Integrated Nutrition, she established Wellness on Wheels – a business where her passion for mountain biking, along with health and wellbeing, intersected.

George wasn’t always a mountain biker, but she was always a mountain lover. Growing up at the foothills of the snowy mountains, she was an avid skier and snowboarder.

When she met her partner, David Atkins, a stalwart of the mtb scene in Alice Springs, NT, George’s induction to mountain biking was by following David around the local trails and trying her best to keep up. Of course, her experience on the snow put her in good stead for this, however, she quickly realised this was not the type of intro a novice might enjoy as much!

George established Wellness on Wheels to share this journey of discovery, but in a more facilitated way. She leads small groups of differing skills levels – not only riding, but also understanding basic bike maintenance and leading to discussions in the health and wellness realm.

All of this is mixed up with a bit of good fun, where her groups might dress up to do their ride and share a bit of joy around the community!


(Donning a wig and riding around town waving to the locals is all part of the good fun)

George has found a lot of joy in the trails around Alice. Her particular favourite was Emily’s Trail – a mix of technical turns, stunning views, open and flowing downhills. It was the epitome of the adventure and journey that mountain biking allows.


(Heading out on her mountain bike for work was a dream come true for George!)

While part of this trail was redeveloped, the areas around Alice boasts 150 kms of trails that can more than fill this need.

George’s passion to share the joy and benefits of being out on the open trails has reenergized her life and this is the feeling she want to share through her programs!

More about Wellness on Wheels here or at George's website

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