During the month of October 2022, in conjunction with the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s breast cancer awareness month, we want to mobilise as many clubs, groups, shops and others to host activities and events across NSW that encourage more women to get on their bike or get back into bike riding.

The benefits of regular physical activity are well documented, and evidence suggests that there are many added benefits to women to prevent breast cancer or support them while undergoing treatment or recovering.

And, of course at AusCycling we think the best way to do your physical activity is by bike!

That’s where you come in! We’re calling on our local champions of bike riding to host one or more activations during the whole month of October (breast cancer awareness month) that will encourage women to get on their bikes. Anything from learn to ride sessions; learn about buying your first bike; finding a social group to ride with – we’re happy to work with you to identify a great activation to run. It would be awesome if it is free for participants to come along to encourage involvement.

  • From June to October, we’re implementing a digital storytelling campaign, following five heroes who are facing their personal fears of learning to ride a bike – aiming to do a “Heroes Ride” of 50km on October 30. Our campaign is aimed at reaching over 100,000 people across New South Wales.

  • We’ll have a dedicated website, where the people viewing our campaign can go to find local activations that suit them and register to take part – when you decide to do an activation, we’ll put yours on this page as well.

  • We’ll help with information and a toolkit to assist you to put on the best activation to suit the needs of women in your community. This will include social media tiles, images and promotional text for you and partners to share in your community.

  • Where relevant, we’ll provide insurance coverage for your activation (nb insurance may not be required from AC, so we can determine your needs based on the type of activation).

Become a partner HERE!

Need more information? Shoot us an email at at sherides@auscycling.org.au.

Are we covered for insurance for the duration of our activation?

Yes, AusCycling have an arrangement in place where public liability insurance is provided to our activating partners for the duration of the activity.

Are participants covered for the duration of our activations?

Participants will be covered for public liability and basic personal accident cover for the duration of the activity.

Which AusCycling social media accounts will be promoting the campaign?

The campaign will be predominantly shared through the She Rides social pages. The AusCycling and Ride Nation accounts will also support the campaign, alongside the NSW Clubs and Community Facebook page.

Can males participate in this activation?

These activations are only for those who identify as female. We understand males may be around to assist with these activations, but we encourage you to have as many female role models around as you can.

Which age category should we be focusing on for our activation?

Any age!

Can we run more than one activation?

The more the better!

When does AusCycling need to know details of our activation?

The earlier the better. For maximum opportunity to promote the activation, start of September. While we won't stop people locking them in later than that, we won't have a chance to promote to assist to maximise the sign ups.

What are some activation ideas we could host?

  • Social rides
  • Come and Try a club
  • Spin class
  • Ladies Days with snacks, foods, fundraising, guest speakers
  • Bike mechanic skills
  • The list goes on - feel free to be creative!

Do we need a female coach/leader?

Ideally, yes. But we know that isn't always easy and available, so ensure that the coach or leader you use can provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for females.

How should we share our activation?

Whilst the activations will be supported by the campaign and AusCycling social channels, it is important that you still promote your activation amongst your local community. The team will provide you with a toolkit once you have locked in your activation to help with this. Some examples of ways you can promote your activation are:

  • Social media channels
  • Local community Facebook noticeboards
  • Flyers at local gyms, sporting clubs, mothers' groups
  • Engage the local paper

How do people sign up for our activation?

All activations will be housed on the Ride Nation Marketplace, where people can sign up through the Zero to Hero website. The team will provide you with the link to promote for sign-up.

What are the Zero to Hero hashtags?

#SheRidesZero2Hero #SheRides