How to create Custom Invoices on the marketplace

Custom invoices can be used to invoice a participant who is interested in an On Demand advert. It provides the participant with a safe and trusted payment gateway, to pay for your program.

Custom invoices can also be used if you have a group of participants interested in your session, only wanting to make one payment. See the video or instructions below on how to use custom invoices and how to convert enquiries into custom invoices.

Step by Step Instructions

  • To create an invoice, login to your Ride Nation account.

  • Select Custom Invoices’ from the menu on the left, under Advert Enquiries.

  • Click Create a New Invoice.

  • Copy the *Advert ID *for the advert that you want to invoice the customer/participant for. This can be found on the advert (see image below).

  • Click Create from existing.

  • Leave Delivery Type as Buy Online.

  • Update the Total Price to the amount that you would like to invoice for.

  • Update the Expiry Date to the date you would like the invoice to expire for the customer.

  • Enter Details of the invoice, that will be visible to the customer.

  • Add an optional Internal Note.

  • Click Continue.

  • Click Send to Customer.

  • Enter the First Name and Email Address of the customer that you are sending the invoice to.

  • You will be taken to the Custom Invoices page, where the invoice will now be listed as Sent.

  • The customer will receive an email with their invoice (see example below).

  • Once the customer has paid the invoice, the status will show as Completed, as per below photo.

How to Convert an Enquiry to an Invoice

  • Click Advert Enquiries from the menu on the left, under Enquiries.

  • Click on the Status column of the enquiry you would like to convert.

  • Click Convert to Invoice.

  • Most data should already be included and you can follow the remaining steps from above to send the invoice to the customer.