Cyclo-cross (often called CX, Cyclo-X or ‘cross’) racing typically takes place in autumn and winter months, and consists of laps of a short (2.5-3.5km) course featuring pavement, dirt trails, grass, steep shorter climbs and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstacle and remount.

Cyclo-cross bikes closely resemble road bikes but have more clearance for knobbly tyres up to 33mm wide. Mountain bikes are welcome at most Australian cyclo-cross races in non-UCI category races.

  • CX bike or mountain bike.

  • AusCycling membership (4 Week Free Trial).

  • Approved helmet (Australian/New Zealand standard).

  • Comfortable and loose fitting clothing.

  • Water bottle.

  • Sunglasses (optional).

  • Closed in shoes.