Road Bike

Road bikes are designed competing in road events. Having a small narrow tyre they are best suited for road use. Usually, road bikes are light weighted and easy to handle.

Time Trial Bike

Time trial bikes are quite unique and require to be more aerodynamic than in a road race or mountain bike event. A time trial bike is a specialised machine for many riders while those riders with limited funds simply adapt their road bike by changing the type of handlebars and wheels.

  • Wear an approved helmet and bright colours so other road users can see you.

  • Always obey the road rules and give way to pedestrians.

  • When riding make sure you have bike lights turned on so that you are visible to others.

  • Use hand signals to show road users where you intend to go (especially when changing lanes or turning).

  • Be aware of your surroundings (avoid blind spots).

  • Take care riding in wet conditions.

  • Ride on roads where there is lower amounts of traffic (avoid main roads where possible).

  • Use bicycle lanes and/or share footpaths (where possible) and be aware of pedestrians.

  • Ride with another person or group (if possible).

  • Ride to within your limits and in control.