International indoor tracks are usually 250m in length and made out of wood. Corners are banked at up to 45 degrees.

Outdoor tracks can be made of a hard surface such as tarmac or concrete, or a soft surface such as grass. The length of the track and the angle of the banking can vary considerably, but generally outdoor tracks are longer and have less steep banking than indoor tracks.

Shorter track events include the flying 200 metres against the clock for sprint program seeding, 1000m for men and 500m for women against the clock, and the explosive Sprint where pairs of riders race over 3 laps.

Longer races are where two teams of four riders aim to catch or gain time on each other. Opponents start on the opposite side of the track from each other to add to the excitement.

Did you know?

All track bikes have no brakes and a single fixed gear. This means there is no gear changing and no freewheel mechanism like other bikes, so the rider will pedal at all times.

  • Track bike (or hire one from a club or velodrome).

  • AusCycling membership (4 Week Free Trial or Financial).

  • Approved helmet (Australian/New Zealand standard).

  • Comfortable clothing.

  • Water bottle.

  • Sunglasses (optional).

  • Closed in shoes.