How to update your Provider Page on the marketplace

A Provider Page is where you can highlight what your business, club or store is about. A quick About Us with some images is included, where the bottom of the page lists any of your active adverts.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Every provider using the platform has their own Provider Page (see example HERE).

  • To update your page, login to your Ride Nation account.

  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner, and click Profile Settings.

  • Provide a brief About Us in this box. An idea could be to copy some information across from your website or Facebook page. Please note, this section only allows for 600 characters.

  • You can upload some images, that will display on the provider page.

  • You can add a Youtube link, if you have any videos you would like to add to your page.

  • If you have information you would like to add at the bottom of all your adverts, include this in the Text below will appear on all ads section. Please note, website links will not work.

  • If your business has opening hours, you can add to Opening Hours with text.

  • Click Save Changes to ensure any updates are saved.

  • You can now find your page via the Finder or on any of your active adverts.