How to best use Images on the marketplace


There are certain specifications that should be followed when uploading images for adverts.

When creating an advert in the back end you are required to upload at least one image. By clicking on the button Upload Images you are then able to select the images you want to appear on your advert.

Once your selected images are uploaded you can drag to reorder the images to change their position.

The accepted file types are: .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .webp. Any other form will display an error message and you will be unable to progress with the advert until you upload an image in the suitable format.

It is best practice to ensure that the file size is lower than 32MB, the image resolution is 150 dpi and the image width is at least 800px.

Marketplacer provides 3 ratio options for advert tile images: Tall (3:4), Square (1:1) and Wide (4:3):

Imagery to Use

Some ideas on the imagery you can use for your adverts. Images are what first capture the interest of website users and it is important to make a good first impression.

Inclusive, positive imagery

Ride Nation encourage the use of inclusive imagery. For example, where there is an equal representation of male to female. We recognise that the type of session being run will make the use of different kinds of imagery more or less relevant. Overall, adverts will stand out and be more appealing to a wider variety of people, if we use images that are inclusive.

Reduce use of Text in Main Image

Images where text is overlaid over an image, reduces the likelihood of the advert being listed on Google searches. On top of this, too much text on images can take away from the actual image. Less is more in this sense.