Loving the bike life

September 08, 2020
Loving the bike life

Like many other kids, Murray Parkinson started bike riding as a means to get to and from school. He soon found himself riding on most weekends with friends, exploring the local area and doing multiple trips to the shops (mainly to buy sweets).

During secondary school his cycling became more competitive, with teachers encouraging cross country mountain biking, and taking the class on rides to the surrounding national park. From his early start, cycling remained a massive part of his life.

Murray went on to compete in numerous National events over the years (DH, XC, 4X, Enduro and Road) and even though he is modest about his podium contention, he has still been able to regularly finish in top 20 and even managed to finish a very respectable 7th in a Down Hill event on his 30th birthday.

While he has some great achievements on the bike, Murray feels that instilling a love of two-wheel in his two young children has been his greatest success.

When Murray looks back on his career, his fondest memories are always the funny ones. While racing in Leogang, Austria, Murray met his idol (downhill mtb great, Steve Peat), but not in the circumstances he would have preferred.

Murray lost concentration for a split second through a steep, muddy section and crashed into a tree. Unhurt but muddy, the first-person Murray locked eyes with was former World Champion Peat who in response gave Murray one of his signature toothy grins and a thumbs up!

(Nothing like the thumbs up from your idol to soften the blow of a muddy crash!)

The transition to coaching was seamless - Murray loves riding and wants others to love it too! After being a full-time bike mechanic for a stint, he wanted to share more of what he knows, which is how to ride a bike, rather than how to fix a bike.

Now working with Kalamunda Cycles, primarily a bike shop, Murray offers the services of leading groups on the fantastic local trail network and providing coaching skills to riders of all levels.

Kalamunda Cycles also have a rental fleet so those new to mountain biking can get on the trails without anything holding them back, and experienced riders can try something new!

Murray believes Ride Nation is set to be an excellent way to find rides and avenues into cycling at all levels in all areas across our great country.

More about Kalamunda Cycles activities here

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